Imagine the sheer humiliation of being replaced by a fucking machine. You’re lovely wife has no need for your pathetic cock anymore.

>fucking machine cuckold

Cuckolding wife Starry, has a new FUCKING MACHINE AND NO LONGER NEEDS HUBBY, except for his money. He’s going to pay for her and all her friends going on vacations and leaving him locked up. They will take their new Machine with them and won’t have any need for cock. Your cock could never compare to the stamina and speed and size of her new machine. It gives her orgasms all day and night and keeps going strong, not like you. And when I’m getting fucked by my sex machine, I’ll imagine it’s your boss.


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Princess Missy teases you senseless on Day 1!

Its time for the wonderful Valentines Day Chastity Lockdown from the girls of Humiliatrix. Princess Missy is your tormentress on day 1…and theres 13 days of tease and denial ahead for all those who join in the fun.

valentines chastity tease

You’re going into the cockcage for the next two weeks. But before you’re locked into the penis prison, Missy might let you cum one last time. You only get to cum if you’re willing to do it EXACTLY the way Missy commands you to do it…

princess missy

tease denial missy

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Princess Riley – Ravaged by Riley

Princess Riley loves to lock up a cock. She especially loves to lock on away and then tease it until it is literally bursting out of its cage.

riley tease denial

Ravaged by Riley
Princess Riley uses her body as a sexual weapon to sadistically tease her slave while his cock is trapped in 7 gates of hell. All he can do is cry and whimper as his cock attempts to bulge out of its new found prison while Riley can’t help but laugh hysterically at his swollen blue balls…see more of Princess Riley at Femdom Empire.

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Goddess Raven – Chastity Tease

Goddess Raven is the latest of an incredible lineup of sexy Dommes at Femdom Empire. She’s my new favourite. Being teased and denied by Goddess Raven would the ultimate sexual torture.

goddess raven chastity tease

Controlling Your Cock
Goddess Raven has her slave stuffed in a body bag rendering him completely immobile and helpless. She is in total control of his cock now as she teases and taunts him with the key to his freedom. So close but so helpless with no choice but to submit to his Goddess smothering his face with her perfect ass…see the amazing Goddess Raven at Femdom Empire

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Miss Tiffany – Teased and Ignore

If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend your days and nights dreaming about serving a perfect princess like Miss Tiffany. She would never be with losers like us, which is just as well because she is way out of our league.

Miss Tiffany Tease denial
In this clip you get to stare and gawk at the gorgeous Miss Tiffany and all her perfection. She will tease you with her ass, her long legs and her sexy heels, all while completely ignoring you. Well not completely, every once in awhile, she will whisper some humiliating words to you. You will stare and jerk and wait anxiously, desperate to hear her voice. She will also occasionally glance your way with a look of disgust, giving you the finger or the loser sign. Miss Tiffany is Truly disgusted by perving losers like you.

Miss Tiffany is a foot and heel model and she knows just how to pose her body to drive you losers absolutely insane! There’s just something about her, she truly has this air of superiority about her. She exudes confidence which will melt your loser brain….do it for Miss Tiffany at Humiliation POV

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Bratty Becky : Rules for Wimp Stepdads, Sugardaddies ….

Bratty Becky can turn any man into a blubbering idiot. She has them all wrapped around her stiletto heels.

loser stepdaddy
Bratty Becky’s Rules for Stepdads, Sugardaddies & Wimp Boyfriends

“I explain how any sorority girl can break, humiliate and train her loser stepdad, her wussy sugardaddy, and her wimp boyfriend by manipulating his weaknesses and using his fetishes to control him. I demonstrate how to tease him into becoming a helpless jerk puppet and entrap him into the chastity cage…meet Becky at

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Goddess Alexandra – Slave is Kept in Chastity

I love the dynamic of Goddess Alexandra and Danni. He’s so small and weak; She is beautiful and powerful. A perfect domestic femdom scene.
alexandra dominates danni

Danni is in quite the predicament. Ever since his father passed away, Alexandra and his step sister have been going through his money. He has been locked up in chastity for so long. He is so desperate to cum! He wasn’t allowed to cum last month since it was his sister’s birth month. He is allowed no orgasms during his sister or mommy’s birth month. In this clip, Alexandra lets Danni know that her daughter’s happiness is what’s important. She finally lets Danni out of chastity and makes him jerk off for her. But the chastity tube has been on too long and too tight! His sister insisted it be on this tight. Now he is having trouble getting an erection in time to cum. Alexandra gives her step son 10 seconds to cum. Danni tries so hard but it is impossible. He is told to stop or else she will kick them. Now Danni has to wait another month to even try again. Next month it is her step sister’s boyfriend’s birthday! She was taunting him they he will not be able to jerk off this month either. He is being worked and exploited by these gold diggers and he can’t do anything about it! Domestic femdom fans will love this clip!

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Careful! Christy Mack Cocktease Ahead!

Warning: This Christy Mack Cocktease may have you sperming all over the place in seconds.

christy mack pornstar tease

christy mack pussy tease

Christy Mack is the new hot alternative pornstar, designed to tease the hell out of all her fans and admirers. Its the way she plays with her gigantic round knockers and tight but very meaty pussy flaps! The way she sticks her trashy finger nails in her tight cunt will have you blowing your wad so fast you feel like both of your heads are exploding! Thanks Christy!…see her at Pornstar Tease

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Princess Ellie Idol : Laughs At Your Little Dick

Princess Ellie Idol is here to tease you and your cock in her school uniform, working you up into a frenzy. But will she grant you a permission to cum?

schoolgirl ellie idol

…Meanwhile you’re stroking your cock, one hand on your computer, one hand on your cock, in your daily position. And you are just hoping, I’ll make some kind of comment about how small your dick is so you can jerk it even faster. Your tiny little cock. That little thing has so much power over you. It needs stroking, it needs release, even though it’s sooo teeny tiny.

You stroke it because you don’t know what else to do with it. No girl wants it in her pussy or in her ass. So it has no other use other than you jerking it. You just want to cum. It’s all your tiny little brain can think about. And today, I’ll let you stroke it to my body, I’ll let you cum, I’ll let you have your little fantasy of a hot brat in a school girl outfit laughing at your tiny little dick….see more at Humiliation POV

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Princesses Asia and Ashley : Chastity Slave

Two gorgeous and mean Princesses to tease and torment you about your new role as chastity slave.

asia ashley chastity

You have wanted this for so long so you finally got it. Chastity is how you’ll serve two hot, dominant bitches like us. We’ll lock your dick up nice and tightly in this clear plastic cage. You will be trembling once this goes on and the click of the lock will make your heart sink.

Your fantasy will become a reality instantly and you’ll start to feel very uncomfortable. We now control your dick and your life! How does it feel being locked up?....see Princesses Asia and Ashley at Locked up In Chastity

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