Orgasm Denial For 12 Months?

princess tessa humiliatrix

She’s got the cocks of the boys so fucking hard, edging like crazy but she just won’t let them cum. Tessa is the sexy princess that knows the desperation and frustration caused by tease and denial leads to male stupidity, so she is locking them all up for a whole year. Yes boys, its time to join Tessa on a journey of orgasm denial that begins now, and ends in 12 months time.

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His Throbbing Cock

chastity key holding tease

kiss throbbing cock

cock twich chastity cage

“This is a story of female supremacy. It is in our present and future. Your cock locked up like this is my delicious torment of your maleness. Why does your penis still try to get hard baby? Why does throb and twitch like that, when you know you’re not cumming today. I’ve not let you cum for weeks, and yet you still get so excited whenever I come near you. So pathetic, so male.

The Femdom Empire