Taking All The Orgasms For Herself


Mistress Keisha is horny, she wants her orgasms and she wants her slave to provide them. But with his dick locked up in a chastity device she’s clearly not going to get them from his stupid cock. Lol, no Keisha would never fuck him anyway, but that doesn’t stop the slave’s dick from trying to burst out of its cage. He is so turned on with his Mistress’s pussy and ass an inch from his face, he’s desperate to be unlocked. But Keisha is so selfish and bratty, and she’s having too much fun riding his face to care.

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Lindsey Leigh – Hypnotic Trance JOI

lindsey leigh jerk off instruction

Miss Lindsey Leigh has loads of clips to see at Humiliation POV. This is the girl that puts the Tease into Tease And Denial. She knows how much you love to jerk off to her instructions. She knows you love the way her body moves. And you worship her every time she shows you her perfect body.

“You’re in love with my hyp n0 t!c silhouette, my long beautiful legs, my gorgeous round ass. I want you to devote yourself to me as my little ass drone. Wrap your hand around your cock and start pumping. Stare and jerk, listen to my voice and become completely hyp n0 t!zed.”

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Perfect Princess Riley


When your Goddess and Owner is as perfect as Princess Riley you’re pretty much always going to do exactly what she tells you to do. She totally dominates and humiliates him, over and over in this clip, because she can, and because he is an ugly, small dicked loser. He was born only to have his penis locked up, and to be teased and denied any sexual pleasure by his gorgeous Mistress.

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Mistress Kendall – Chastity Teaser

Mistress Kendall takes down another whiny little chastity slave and uses him for her own pleasure.

tease and denial pussy teased

Mistress Kendall is completely in control over this weak little bitch and her joy is evident as she teases and torments his confined penis. Must be incredibly frustrating when Mistress rubs it up against her gorgeous warm and wet pussy. She has no need for little cocks; only huge big cocks get Mistress Pussy because she’s a Total Size Queen. Anyway, she’s going to ride his face to a full satisfying orgasm while he stays denied.

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Goddess Gigi’s Perfect Ass

goddess gigi ass worship

For horny boys totally infatuated with Goddess Gigi this clip is a must because its her ass that is the star of the show. One lucky bastard slave gets to kiss and lick her ass for the duration of the video, which is obviously going to be the highlight of his entire life. Yes boys asses don”t come any better than Goddess Gigi’s,

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Orgasm Denial For 12 Months?

princess tessa humiliatrix

She’s got the cocks of the boys so fucking hard, edging like crazy but she just won’t let them cum. Tessa is the sexy princess that knows the desperation and frustration caused by tease and denial leads to male stupidity, so she is locking them all up for a whole year. Yes boys, its time to join Tessa on a journey of orgasm denial that begins now, and ends in 12 months time.

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His Throbbing Cock

chastity key holding tease

kiss throbbing cock

cock twich chastity cage

“This is a story of female supremacy. It is in our present and future. Your cock locked up like this is my delicious torment of your maleness. Why does your penis still try to get hard baby? Why does throb and twitch like that, when you know you’re not cumming today. I’ve not let you cum for weeks, and yet you still get so excited whenever I come near you. So pathetic, so male.

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