Chastity Craze

Sadie Holmes Loves to Tease A Locked Cock

Sadie Holmes loves to tease a cock that’s all locked up in chastity.

Sadie Homes chastity

Sadie loves showing you who’s in charge and she has had you in chastity for quite some time. And now she is going to make it permanent! She looks right into your eyes as you tremble with excitement and fear. Sadie says that your pleasure belongs to her and she just laughs while playing with your locked up dick. She owns your dick. Sadie pokes at your swollen balls and dangles the key right in front of the lock while teasing you with her sexy body. She knows you can’t resist chastity and now it’s FOREVER. You will be teased day in and day out by the sexy Sadie as she now has full control of your locked up dick. Look at how tempting her mouth is right by your caged cock as she just laughs at your situation….see more at Chastity Craze